Aunt Annie (Hannaway) and daughter Maura
Cousins Paddy, Anne, and Margaret
Cousins Liam and Francis
Cousins Paddy, Seán, Gerry, and Liam
Cousins Francis, Margaret, Deirdre, Ann, and Maura
Christine, Uncle Davy, Peter, Sheila, Davy, Aunt Sheila, and Margaret
Cousins Davy (9 months old) and Sheila (27 months old)
Mairéad, Maureen, Maura at 14 Patterson Ave., 1958
Cousin Mairéad, May 29, 1971
Cousins Seán and Dominic
Uncle Paddy, Collette, Gerry, Aunt Annie, Uncle Gerry
Gerry (Vanity Fair magazine) and Liam
Nelson Mandela and Gerry
Cousin Gerry, Baby, and Aunt Annie
Aunt Annie, Mom, Baby, Uncle Gerry, Cousin Gerry
Cousin Gerry, Granny Margaret, Woman, Cousin Margaret